Welcome to the
World of Pork
A Platform for the Entire Pork Industry.
The World of Pork (WOP) is an integrated platform that offers stakeholders in the South African pork value chain a protected environment to share information and facilitate interactions that create value and drive competitiveness, sustainability and food safety in the pork industry.
SAPPO’s commitment to the WOP is to–
set up and maintain the protocol that protects the integrity of the platform.
manage access and usage of the platform to ensure fair and structured interactions.
foster relationships and facilitate interaction within the industry by allowing stakeholders to integrate with the platform.
maintain and grow the platform infrastructure and human capacity.
provide timely, accurate, high-value and actionable business insights to producers and industry stakeholders.
If you have any questions regarding the platform or if your organization is interested in integrating with the platform, please reach out to us by completing the Contact Us form below.
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